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QPR Programme Guide

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Welcome to the Queen's Park Rangers Programme web pages. These pages represent a history of first team play from the early years through to the current day. The QPR web site is different to other programme web sites. It provides a complete list of all fixtures that the club was involved in, whether played or not. That is, not only are the games that were played shown but also included are all scheduled games that were either postponed, abandoned, cancelled or not played for other reasons.

Many see these web sites as a way of showing off a collection and perhaps this could be seen as that. However, I hope that the site provides both an alternate window into the history of QPR and a way for other club historians and fans to see some of the fixtures that they may not have known about. More importantly, the site should be viewed as a guide for all programme collectors as to whether there was a programme or not for a certain match. There are a few other QPR related history web sites, each listed in the Links section, and this site should complement those. That is, the site is not just for QPR fans, it is for everyone.

To view the programmes, choose the Programmes menu option along the bar at the top of this page. From there you can choose a decade and then use the pull-down menu to select which season. From any season, you can choose the previous or the next and thus can slowly wander through each season. There are three other options on the main Programmes page, choosing all the programmes or games (a) by opposition, (b) by the covers of the original programme from that season or (c) all those games that took place on the day you are viewing the pages.

If you have read this far, then I would also advise you to head to the About page from the menu above, to obtain a more complete explanation of how the site works and what to expect to find. The site is on-going and there will be errors. However, hopefully it will be worthwhile for all to enjoy. Any qualms, corrections or congratulations, please use the Contact page.

The site covers fixtures for the 1882/83 season and from the 1888/89 season onwards. The actual programmes commence with the 1907/08 season. Only two seasons thereafter do not have a programme included.